Wednesday, September 27, 2006


(Carine Era Mozo Asutilla)
I shall close my eyes and be still.
In the darkness all I can rely on,
is the feel of your breath upon my face,
as you draw yourself near.

And when your lips,
presses mine,
I’ll kiss you back.
Like a mother to her newborn child,

This time,
everything around us,
I put aside.
Slow are the movements,
the time
I’ll never have to race.
Like calm sea whose waves visit the shore,
in pace assured.

For in this one kiss,
I submit to you my weaknesses
and sweetness.
Because you came to me with warmth,
which I cannot ignore.

And when you pull back,
with grace.
Your face is still close to mine.
I can hear you catch your breath.
In rhythm no song can surpass its beauty.

That one kiss I had,
you gave in best intention,
was like an old friend.
It lingers,
it never fades.

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