Wednesday, May 02, 2007

mt.kanlaon: When u decide to trek... follow these steps

STEP 1: Call some real mountaineers.

STEP 2: Find a climb buddy stick... a good one... strong and not heavy.

STEP 3: When you get lost in the middle of the forest... appreciate Mother Nature and she'll show you the way.

STEP 4: When you feel you're already touching the clouds look down... just don't throw up.

STEP 5: Look down again... this time with admiration... :)

STEP 6: Then look for a nice camp site... where you can put up your tents. Suggestion: right at the shoulder of Mt.Kanlaon... sa kapal ng cogon grass, you can hide from the cold wind somewhere there (makapal lang ang fog di nyo mahahalata ang cogon grasses).

STEP 6: REST TIME!!! The almost 10 hours of walk is surely exhausting... to rest is to prepare oneself for a harder climb to the crater.

photos by ricky schon and tyrone tejam

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