Sunday, April 22, 2007

Nostalgia Queens

I really think Vera and I are the nostalgia queens in the whole blog world. Lately, I posted a lot of sniff-sniff posts and so does Vera. Yes Ver, I miss college too. I miss getting up late for school, making visual aids for class reporting, hanging around with the wormies, our incredible professors, and most importantly getting my allowance as easy as pressing the buttons of ATM (hahahahaha).
It's been a year since we marched the path from the Admin building to the library wearing that sablay, us looking really pretty and happy in our graduation dresses. The day after that or even the days before that, we were the most wanted people in the work force. Now, Ivi is right, we are no longer the fresh grads, and the real new ones now has the limelight. Plenty of brilliant minds will soon join this world of independents. Welcome!!! (hehehe).

Haay Ver...
we are getting older... and you're getting older first (hehehe) few more days and you'll turn 22. Does that mean a cryless Vera? Yah, yah... I cry too, as much as you do... only that I don't let people see it or know it (hehehe).

Anyways, let's not stop thinking we can be fairies, remember we had the most beautiful childhood and of course, college life.

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veraLeigh said...

hey, howd you know it's ivi? :)