Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Chai Made it to Pinoy Dream Academy

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

It was Saturday night, the Capitol road was closed for the grand launching of Pinoy Dream Academy, thousands attended to witness who will make it to the "house" where all dreams will be realized.
I was there... in Tequila Joe's, (I would have loved to be there, see Chai and support her by yelling her name out loud) doing my work, covering for someone else's job, I cursed my job for having to miss all the action in Capitol. But thank you Lord for providing a big screen (white screen?) in the entertainment plaza in Ayala for me, for those who couldn't make it like me, and for those who doesn't want to get crashed by thousands.
Vera and Russ did not make it to Capitol too. Instead they hang around at East West, (nagtyatyaga na rin sa big screen). I, on the other hand, continued with my work, sneaking out every now and then to join Vera and Russ, until work was over. And the three of us was there looking up at the big screen waiting for the "kulba" moment. Vera could barely finish her drink, while I couldn't stop sipping mine. Russ was I thought the most compose.
Chai was dancing and singing at the same time. She was in a red skirt with white leggings underneath and a white bolero... and we all thought that Chai must have had hated her costume. We all seated there watching the show like kiddos amusing themselves while waiting for their mommies to pick them up after a ball game.
Every gap, the three of us would talk about Chai and how things happened so fast and quite unbelievable. Chai on TV, Chai performing on TV, Chai with big stars and artists on TV, Chai on TV, on national TV. I was certain that Chai will make it, I told Russ and Vera. But when Chai's name was called to join the rest who had made it, I wasn't certain that I heard her name being called. Vera and I got teary-eyed and Russ was laughing, happy.
We talked about Chai being away for 3 months, Chai coming back to us as a different person, Chai becoming famous and rich, Chai and her family, Chai and Robinson, Chai and the rest of the world around her. In my head, I would have wanted to go to her, hug her tight and tell her how my work sucks and how her life right now is on top and she better keep it up. I would have wanted to tell her to be pretty all the time inside the "house" because cameras are everywhere and the entire Philippines is watching, and of course never to forget to mention our names during those thank you opportunities they might have in there.
Russ, Vera and I proceeded to Greenplace after the big screen was put out. We ate noodles and talked more about Chai, and about Liyo being not around for a long time. We went home pass 2AM, still in my head was Chai and her big dreams finally coming true. And I asked myself if God also has big plans for me, for Vera, for Russ, for Liyo. And if it comes in big packages just like Chai's. Last night, Vera Russ and I met again at Mcdonalds, we roamed around for a place to eat in Ayala and we ended up at KFC.
Then we went to Vera's office to get something she left and went back to Ayala, found a row of benches and we hang out there for almost three hours, just talking, more about Chai and us. Liyo wasn't there again. We walked home and I suggested that we do that for the next three months until Chai comes back.

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