Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Movies and More Movies

Saturday, August 19, 2006

I watched Adam Sandler. The Longest Yard.Smart, real, and hilarious.Football. Guys with guns and guys in bars. Torture fun.
-- We didn't get all the chocolates but at least we got a hershey's kiss.
The Truth About Love and If Only, both starred by Jennifer Love Hewitt ate my 4 hours.Love, lost, decissions, regrets, then love.
I like If Only more. It made me cry. Believe me, I cried more than Jennifer did in the movie.I also liked the effects, the storylines, and the lighting as well, especially that scene in the fireplace... they were like portraits.
-- Appreciate her and what you have, just love her.Raise Your Voice. Vera said is probably the best movie of Hilary Duff.I agree. It was probably the closest to reality, and everyone can relate.Music, trust, family, friendship, self.
-- It is OK to look fat.
Feels Like Heaven. Reese Witherspoon. With her hair, sometimes she looks like Meg Ryan, only more feminine. The happy movie. It made me want to start reading The Five People You Meet in Heaven.
I don't want to talk about House of Wax.
I watched Narnia and Nanny Mcphee... and I regreted not watching it in the big screen.It's weird, I liked Nanny Mcphee better than Narnia.
Hide and Seek. Robert DeNiro and Dakota Fanning. What can I say? well... the story was not new, the concept was not new, but it worked. May be because the actors were effective.

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