Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Forrester found

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

I watched Finding Forrester last nyt, twice. The movie was amazing that I didn't mind watching it twice late last nyt (with a papaya and Mr. Chips--- not a perfect match huh?).

Reasons to live and reasons to don't.
Writing with the heart and not with the head.
You become a writer once you punch those keys (typewriter--- not really a quote quote but I liked it when Sean Connery said it).
The way to a girl's heart is unexpected gift and unexpected time (hhhmmmm...)
Losing a family... a family is not you becoming their blood but they become your blood (something like that I can't recall)

It was a movie that even my 15-year-old brother liked (he even talked about it after we viewed it twice and he asked questions I was too tired to answer).

I looked for Avalon Landing by William Forrester but all that came out were movie reviews. I don't know if that book exists, I don't know if the author is real either.

But I know Samuel Taylor Coleridge is real though.

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