Wednesday, September 27, 2006

The 1-hour Hi Hello Goodbye with my Tatay

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

It was all Bin Laden's fault.Almost 2 hours was taken away from me and my Tatay, with ISPS strictly implemented it was not easy for us to see him right after anchoring. Papers must be signed, approved, and submitted before we could have our toes down that steel stairs.
My Nanay said it was for our safety and for obeying orders accordingly.
My little sister said it is complicated and people are becoming untrusting.
My uncle said it is a waste of time that we should just head home.
And I said damn you Bin Laden.As far as I know, it was September 11, the Al Queda, and all the bearded pride of men.
1 hour was the only time alloted to us.
My Tatay said that it doesn't matter if time is too short, important is we shared that little time together.My Nanay started talking about Bohol.My brother talked about his college plans.
My sister talked about buying another parrot and a glass doll (is there a glass doll?).
My uncle talked about his new business.And I talked about (actually complaining) about the long process we took before getting there, I did also talk about going to school again.
My Tatay, the whole time only listened to what everyone was saying. He talked sometimes but mostly of questions that brought all of us to talk more.
He still looks good and young for his age. I can't tell if any lines were added in his forehead.
He sits in his bed slouching, smiling to us and in his head were millions of 'I love yous' and 'I miss yous' he wants to say.
Until it was time for us to go. My parents kissed and it wasn't as gross as I imagined it could be.
My little sister almost cried and wouldn't want to let go of my Tatay's hands.
My brother gave him a manly hug and my uncle did too.
And I hugged him tightly (the tightest hug I've ever gave to a person) and told him to come home and never leave us again. But he just laughed at it and said that he has to fulfill his dreams. And it left me wondering what dreams could those be... the last time we talked about dreams and ambition, he has none. Ours, he said, is also his.
When we were in the taxi, he called. When we got home, he called. The next morning he called again, telling us that any minute signal will be out and maybe we will never receive a call from him for the next 2-3 weeks.
There... he is gone again...

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