Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Friendfull because Loveless/ Loveless because Friendfull

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

The people you hang around with say something of who you are as a person.Nanay always reminds me to choose my friends well, and I guess it’s something I have never failed to do. I have the best set of people a person can ask for. Everyone is interesting, and I guess that makes me an interesting person as well… I assume.
But why don’t I get asked out? (hahaha… segue)A friend said that if a person has a lot of friends, most likely, she or he would spend extra time after school or work hanging out with his or her pals. Night outs on Fridays and movies on Saturdays. And that person thinks less of actually having an intimate relationship with the opposite sex (girlfriend/boyfriend).
Another friend also said that sometimes friends are the reason why most girls don’t get a date. Guys usually get intimidated when a girl hangs around with extra-special set of people (the brainies, the leaders, the pops, and the list goes with those who can lower your self-esteem). And always seen around with the opposite of the set of people mentioned earlier (the nasties, fashion victims, the clueless, etc.) is a major turn off to fine guys. It will drive them away.Girls who are on their own, the ones always seen alone walking around school, eating in a cafeteria, sitting under a tree or maybe smiling on her own (quite ridiculous to look at), are the ones who are like magnets to boys.
Should I conclude that boys get their way to girls when she is alone? Is it because they don’t want any witnesses when they lower their pants and get between the legs of those girls? (Hehehehe peace!:))
Whatever the reason why I have zero, as in nadda love life, I don’t care at all. I think as of the moment nobody’s worthy yet.

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