Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Time Off

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Finally, after having to sleep at 3AM for the past days before Kapuso Day!... I had my 3-day vacation... not vacation vacation, like going out of town... to the beach or camping in some mountain peak. Just had my bed, my room, my TV, my computer for it, all I need.I spent most of the time sleeping... I swear, I slept and slept and slept. I get out of bed just to eat and watch MTV. At night, after having enough of sleep during day time and hardly can get my eyes to close anymore, I go movie-tripping.:)
I had... Green State (indie film), In Her Shoes (Cameron Diaz), and 10 Things I Hate About Her (Julia Stiles). It was the grandest movie-tripping I had alone for the past four months!!!! I was like really happy for myself, you know... like I just won a lottery or something, because finally, I loved myself! hehehe... I swear, that time off from work made a lot of good to me.
---Green State was amazingly made... but you know, it was quite obvious how every scene is planned... it was ironed out so much that it was too clean and too artistic. People in the film/behind the film was like oozing of creative juices and so conscious of how the movie will look like or feel like. It is something that most indie films often have in common; their struggle to become different from any other films, and the downfall of that is either everything just become so obvious or it becomes just like an abstract painting, too hard to realize.But honestly, the storylines and the characters of the story were undoubtedly amazing! Zach Braff (writer/director/lead actor) was wonderful and so was Natalie Portman. They played the role comfortably that you can even imagine you know them personally. You get to laugh with them, cry with them and all.But again, in the end of the story, I would have wanted them to go separate ways instead of ending up with each other's arms... you know, for a certain period, they should have lived with their own new lives, already touched by each other's presence. And after that, maybe, they'll meet again... more established and all.
In Her Shoes... well, every Cameron Diaz film I watch, most of my attention is on fashion. Color of the dresses, style of shoes, hairdo, etc. Then to the set... kind of pillows in her bed, kitchen counter, closet, bathroom, etc. Then to the cute lines Cameron throws out to her co-actors.At first, I thought this movie is too shallow that I can sleep on it and wake up and still know which way the car went, left or right? But then, when I started focusing my attention to Rose (Cameron's sister/lawyer/successful) I said... "Oh well, there's the story..." going along with Rose's life in the film, I came to love Cameron's character. It was of course finally, finding oneself... after avoiding/ ignoring some part of you that actually matters. It was a happy movie for me.I loved the wedding theme... that reggae music, Jamaican reception and all... I could add that to my list of wedding themes... I dream of becoming a wedding planner, you know?!
10 Things I Hate About You... It was of course a teeny bopper movie, but who cares, It's Julia Stiles! I always look after this girl's acting talent that suprises me everytime I watch her movies, not to mention her hippy/sexy dance moves she get to flaunt in some scenes. And I just love her choices of pants! Yes her pants! And Oh! sneakers too!The movie has a lot of drinking, dating, parties, and relationships... everything about high school... just that.
----Strawberry shake was the highlight of every meal I took. It was the best shake I had (from that cafeteria). Everytime I have it, childhood was brought back to me. No kidding! I swear! for 12 pesos only!I had Manang UP's banana cue! which I never had for four months. It was a good chance for me to relive my college days... those hungry days when I look forward to eating banana cue after class. For that, I miss home... I can have all the banana cues that I want, I don't have to worry about my 6 pesos.
----I wasn't productive at all.. hehehe.. but I know I owe myself that break. :)

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