Thursday, March 01, 2007

The first time i hated peace

Well, after quite a time of asking my friends to take me to Dumaguete, finally, the angels of the newsroom heard me...

I've been walking the Silliman path, passing old houses, and questioning why there are a lot of motorcycles around, for three days now.

Pretty much an adventure for me. THE ONLY TV NEWS REPORTER AROUND IN THE CITY.
yes!!! adventure na eto!!!
... that was what i thought before I came here. But no... "Arroyo: Dumaguete the most peaceful city in RP." Meaning, I'm like having a summer vacation. getting tan, long walks, dadidada.

This is actually the first time, I hated peacefulness. I'm not saying peaceful is uncool or something, it's just that, i need stories. I've gotten used to visiting police stations, hospitals, seeing dead people, or wounded and blood all over them, guns, and all. It's just that, it was like a daily routine for me. It's like I used to having toasted bread for breakfast but then my toaster's broken, I have no choice but to eat cereals.

There are a lot of pretty things in Dumaguete though that's worth having a "world premiere" on tv. But, my team here always says it's hard to materialize them. And I really don't understand what makes it hard for them. All we have to do is go out and work on it. goodluck!

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